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At Deeconic our mission is simple, we want to provide housing solutions for people at all stages of their life, live comfortably in a high quality and affordable home along with their families. As the demand for housing in the UK rises, it has never been more important for us to ensure that this happens.

As an enthusiastic property solutions provider, we help to make this difference by investing in property or with the help of our trusted network of investors and business partners. All of which we have built key relationships with over time, to ensure of mission is the same. We pride ourselves in both our work and the work of our teams.


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As the Founder of Deeconic, Josh began his journey back in 2017 by looking for an investment which would allow his money to work for him and not the other way around! 


However, a problem was soon faced as each of the considered investments would consume considerable amount of time and the returns on the investment didn't justify it. Then, after months of education from various training courses and mentors, he decided to put his money into his self-education, but also into property from the various strategies he'd learnt along his journey. He now has the desire and ambition to help others do the same and after a sudden brainwave, Deeconic was born in 2019.

Josh Jenkins

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Our aim is to provide long term value for all our clients, no matter their background and current situation. We believe in our value to provide great service for both individual and local communities. We will achieve this by creating functional, sustainable homes which create new job opportunities and also aid the regeneration of the local community.

  • Professional in our approach

  • Entrepreneurial in our approach

  • Loyal in our partnership

  • Exceed our customers expectations

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